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At 3D Labs we want to help you showcase your architecture 3D model by displaying it as a true three-dimensional object.  Creating a stunning architectural model of your next project is as easy as sending 3D model files that you already have to 3D Labs.

If you have a house or commercial building drawn in Sketchup or other CAD software, you can receive a true three-dimensional object in only a few days.  3D printed architectural models are not only fast to create, they also have a level of functionality that traditional paper or on-screen models do not.

With 3D printed models, you can impress your client and expand the reach of your sales tools.  3D printed models are educational and informative and tell a story that a flat screen can not.  People pay attention to the detail in a 3D model because it adds context to how the structure will look and feel.  A 3D printed model also takes some of the intimidation out of the home buying or commercial building process.

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