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3D Printing News from 3D Labs: Your 3D Printing source for Detroit, Chicago, Grand Rapids, Holland, and Lansing

Check out our difference, which is speed.  We specialize in production parts, prototyping, jigs & fixtures and medical applications and have experience with Prototypes, Designs, Architects, Manufacturing on Demand, Production runs and much more.  We 3D print in ABS, ASA, Nylon and multiple Resins in many colors. Providing 3D Printing service and consultative support for Grand Rapids, Holland, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Chicago, Detroit and beyond.

Contact us to start the conversation about your requirements and how 3D printing can help your business improve.

Just completed the first prototype of a 3D printed face shield already being used on the East Coast today to keep healthcare workers safe. Reaching out to local healthcare providers to see how many they need. https://t.co/GnUd1Azm8k 3DLabsUSA photo

On Sale!!! at https://t.co/1Xen6G77ma: Buying Choices: Shiatsu Back Neck Massager | Kneading Massage Pil... https://t.co/SAX4QlWKuL via @amazon

3D Printing a resin based custom bioassay plate for a drug discovery program. We love working with the medical and research communities! https://t.co/X1zc7OiufZ 3DLabsUSA photo

3D Labs has both FDM and SLA (resin) printing to server you | When Does Moving To Resin 3D Printing Make Sense? via @hackaday https://t.co/8X6rqquXDV

If you're looking for Speed and to Save Money. 3D Printing is the way to go. | https://t.co/yeCQCDzpqL

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle 😉 Feel the Peel Serves Orange Juice in a 3D Printed Cup Made From the Peel https://t.co/41boyhZOMh