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Just completed the first prototype of a 3D printed face shield already being used on the East Coast today to keep healthcare workers safe. Reaching out to local healthcare providers to see how many they need. https://t.co/GnUd1Azm8k 3DLabsUSA photo

On Sale!!! at https://t.co/1Xen6G77ma: Buying Choices: Shiatsu Back Neck Massager | Kneading Massage Pil... https://t.co/SAX4QlWKuL via @amazon

3D Printing a resin based custom bioassay plate for a drug discovery program. We love working with the medical and research communities! https://t.co/X1zc7OiufZ 3DLabsUSA photo

3D Labs has both FDM and SLA (resin) printing to server you | When Does Moving To Resin 3D Printing Make Sense? via @hackaday https://t.co/8X6rqquXDV

If you're looking for Speed and to Save Money. 3D Printing is the way to go. | https://t.co/yeCQCDzpqL

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle 😉 Feel the Peel Serves Orange Juice in a 3D Printed Cup Made From the Peel https://t.co/41boyhZOMh