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Working on 3D Printing of a new house. The results are amazing! https://t.co/lX8MC1TR8n 3DLabsUSA photo

We just received a new Durable resin material that has high elongation and high impact strength. The parts come out with a smooth, glossy finish and high resistance to deformation 👍 This material is great for packaging, snap fits, living hinges and more.

3d Labs can help with 3D printing to revolutionize the medical industry in Grand Rapids.
https://t.co/D9jSZL9DFu via @grbj

3D Printing has so many applications in automotive. Call 3D Labs for more information. https://t.co/iTjX4fPPy4
3DLabsUSA photo
All3DP @All3DP
Michelin and GM are working on puncture proof, airless, sustainable car tires. https://t.co/CKbd6AHGjz #3dprinting #car https://t.co/ViR08lKDvH

You should use a Service bureau like 3D Labs first, and then when you are ready ... read this about how to select the right 3D printer https://t.co/KEB6zUsCyN via @DesignWorld

Here's a guy who know how to get things done: The Startup Product Roadmap – Maturing your Software Idea into a Scalable Product https://t.co/jtvKaoNpBJ